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3 Reasons to Try a Monthly Tesla Subscription

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June 7, 2022

3 Reasons to Try a Monthly Tesla Subscription: Your Wallet, the Planet, Your Sanity

From Netflix to Prime, consumers use subscription services to access everyday necessities and luxuries alike. Why shouldn’t it be the same for the car you drive? 

Car subscription services are setting a new standard for convenience, bringing you wheels on demand. They’re also helping environmentally conscious consumers push for a cleaner climate by drastically expanding access to electric vehicles.

A monthly Tesla subscription is the answer to the informed driver’s demands. By accessing a Tesla Model 3 through a car subscription service, you can drive emissions-free, in style, and on a flexible, long-term, debt-free payment schedule. This can save you time and money, so you can put more of your hard-earned dollars toward enjoying your destination, not getting there. 

FOR YOUR WALLET: Getting From Point A to Point B Shouldn’t Require a Car Loan

Last year, the average cost of a new car was a staggering $47,077. The traditional car-buying model can leave consumers burdened with years of debt. New owners, on average, face over half a decade of monthly car payments the minute they drive off the lot. But what if you didn’t need to own the car? 

By circumventing ownership and prioritizing experience, car subscription services are building the future of transportation. With a customizable initial payment followed by a monthly subscription fee, you can have the keys to a Tesla Model 3 for as long as you want it. And if you change your mind, you can cancel after just three months with 28 days’ notice. 

This flexibility unburdens drivers from the traditional long-term commitment of purchasing, financing, and owning vehicles. It gives drivers the agency to change their minds — because driving a car today shouldn’t impact one’s financial standing years down the line.

In the face of rising gas prices, electric vehicle drivers also save money by avoiding the pump altogether. On average, the annual price tag on powering an electric car is less than half of what you’d pay for a year of gas. 

FOR THE PLANET: Participate in the Global Transition to Sustainable Energy 

As the threat of climate change looms, opting for an electric vehicle like a Tesla Model 3, allows individuals to contribute to the movement for a greener future. Teslas on the road have already saved 75 million gallons of gasoline and 4 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. With a monthly Tesla subscription, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, shrink your carbon footprint, and improve the earth’s air quality.

From its inception, Tesla has been giving drivers the functionality of electric vehicles packaged in sleek, sexy designs that are just as practical as they are pretty. Offering the longest range of any electric car on the market, the brand is leading innovation in the battery-powered vehicle industry, proving that moving away from combustion engines doesn’t have to mean sacrificing performance, speed, or comfort. 

In addition to running on electricity instead of gasoline, each Tesla offers surprising acceleration, speed, and safety features. Heralded as Tesla’s safest car to date, the Model 3 is the automaker’s affordable vehicle for the mass market and a monthly Tesla subscription can get you behind the wheel quickly and easily. 

FOR YOUR SANITY: Never Deal With the Annoying Parts of Car Ownership Again 

So a Tesla monthly subscription service can help save you money and the environment. But did you know it can also save you time?

With a monthly car subscription, you’re not buying or leasing the car, so you don’t have to deal with the headache of negotiation, title, or registration. There will be no last-minute sales pitch to add more features to your model as you stand in a sweaty showroom. There won’t be any haggling or interest rate mongering. There’s no loan involved, and you can sign up via an app. It takes minutes to get started, and you can get your Tesla without joining a months-long factory waiting list.

To enhance your experience with your Tesla Model 3, some car subscriptions, such as Autonomy’s, cover the car’s routine maintenance, including worn-tire replacement, cabin air filter replacement, and component checkups. A subscription to Autonomy also includes roadside assistance. 

Tesla is redefining transportation, and subscription services are reimagining access to mobility. A monthly Tesla subscription gives you the keys to the future. 

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