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Autonomy subscriptions offer customizable payment plans that start as low as $490 per month.

All subscriptions include routine maintenance, worn tire replacement, and roadside assistance with the ability to return your car any time after 3 months. Limitations apply.

Down Payment / Start Fee$0$4,750$5,445$4,900
CommitmentOne day36 months36 months3 months
Comparisons are based on total payments for a minimum hold of 36 months, excluding taxes and $500 security deposit. Payments for a daily rental, a 3-year loan, and a 3-year lease are for a 2022 Tesla Model 3 priced at $48,490, including the costs of registration, tires, and routine maintenance, which are included for Autonomy. Loan costs assume excellent credit qualifying for a Tier 1 rate of 2.74% APR plus other fees due at signing.

Comparisons are estimated for Los Angeles, CA as of February 2022, and additional fees may apply.
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