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Autonomy’s Electric Vehicle Subscription Service Now Available in California’s High Desert

SANTA MONICA, Calif.-- Autonomy, the electric vehicle subscription company that offers the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to get a Tesla Model 3, and soon other models and brands, is now available to consumers living in California’s High Desert communities, including Lancaster, Palmdale, Victorville, Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Phelan, and Barstow. Autonomy’s monthly subscription costs less than Tesla’s own leasing or financing plans.

“With gas prices continuing to climb and putting a strain on households, there’s never been a more compelling time to get an electric vehicle,” said Scott Painter, founder and CEO of Autonomy. “Consumers are beginning to fully realize the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, and we’re excited to be offering a more affordable, flexible way of getting one.”

Today, the High Desert region has more than 200 charging locations, with 13 Tesla Superchargers strategically placed along the I-15 and SR-14 highways, giving commuters — and those traveling to and from Las Vegas — plenty of options for charging up.

California already has the most charging stations in the country, accounting for about 30% of total charging stations/ports. And more are on the way. This fiscal year, California will receive $56 million as part of the federal infrastructure bill, the second-highest amount in the nation, behind only Texas.

According to CNBC and data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, Palmdale commuters have the longest commute nationwide, with an average commute time of 85.4 minutes round trip. Like in Palmdale, many people who live in the High Desert have long commutes across the region or down California’s Cajon Pass to the Inland Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles. With Autonomy, commuters can ditch the high-priced gas and contribute to a more green commute.

“Consumers need more options when it comes to accessing an electric vehicle,” said Georg Bauer, co-founder and president of Autonomy. “Subscribing to a car today is what leasing was 40 years ago. Subscribing allows for month-to-month flexibility after an initial 3 month holding period and no long-term debt. It’s an exciting time in the automotive industry, with more options for people than ever.”

Autonomy’s expansion into the High Desert follows the announcements last month of the start of services in the Coachella Valley, the Inland Empire, Fresno, and the surrounding cities, as well as in Sacramento, California’s Central Coast, and Orange County. The company earlier this year launched services in Los Angeles and San Diego, and added the San Francisco Bay Area to its market coverage.

Autonomy’s monthly payment covers the traditional costs of ownership, including annual registration and licensing fees, routine maintenance, roadside assistance, and standard wear and tear on tires, which are all additional expenses with a traditional lease or loan.

A payment dial allows customers to personalize their Model 3 and Model Y. Model 3 subscriptions range from as low as $490 per month with an initial $4,900 start fee, to $1,000 per month with an initial $1,000 start fee. Whichever payment option you choose, a low refundable deposit of $500 and taxes also apply.

Adding to the cost advantage, Autonomy drivers have the flexibility to subscribe month to month after a three-month minimum hold period and then can cancel any time with 28 days’ notice. The platform is a viable market option for those who do not want or cannot afford the long-term commitment of buying or leasing an electric car.

Autonomy’s subscription model offers a new radical solution to the rising demand for electric cars. An additional advantage is the company’s stock of Model 3s that are available for delivery or pickup within weeks, compared with the six- to nine-month wait for a lease or loan.


Autonomy is a technology company on a mission to make access to mobility easy and affordable through car subscriptions. The company was founded by auto retail, auto finance, and auto insurance disruptors Scott Painter and Georg Bauer, who founded Fair, the first-ever used-vehicle subscription offering, pioneering the Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) category. Building upon that experience, Autonomy has created a turnkey vehicle subscription platform for consumers and the automotive industry that enables vehicle subscriptions to scale profitably and become a mainstream alternative to traditional car buying. Autonomy is innovating through technology, finance, and insurance to power car subscriptions for the battery, electric vehicle, and zero-emissions vehicle sectors. Autonomy relies on partnerships with automakers and brick-and-mortar car dealerships to provide benefits to both consumers and the industry. Autonomy represents freedom from long-term debt, freedom from long-term commitments, and even freedom from fossil fuels. It means new choices and more control over your financial well-being. Autonomy is based in Santa Monica, California.


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