Drive an EV with Autonomy.
Save Money.

When you drive electric you're saving money on fuel costs. For the average person in California, the price of gas annually is over $2,000. The electricity to power a Model Y cuts that cost by 4x.

You’ll save by not spending money on traditional car ownership expenses. Your Autonomy subscription includes routine maintenance, roadside assistance and registration.
Potential Gas Savings
Subscription Savings
$432/mo in est. savings

Gas Costs Annually

based on 12k miles drive / year

$2,335 $5.00
$2,802 $6.00
$3,268 $7.00
When Gas is... ($/gallon)

Electric Costs Annually

based on 15k miles drive / year

$521 13.9¢
$626 16.7¢
$730 19.5¢
When Electricity is... ($/kWh)
Gas savings are based on estimated costs over a 3-year period and avg. annual mileage of 12k/year. Assumes a comparable gasoline power sedan that gets 25.7 miles per gallon, electricity cost of $26.7 per kilowatt-hour (the CA average), 3.57 mi/kWh for Model Y. For this comparison, premium gasoline is estimated at $5.74/gallon based on the six-month period in California (Jan.-Jun. 2022). Source: and IEA – International Energy Agency.