Excess Wear and Tear Guidelines 

Updated 03/11/2022


Let’s face it, cars don’t always age gracefully. But after you recover from the heartbreak of your first shopping cart door-ding, life goes on. And so does your subscription.

At Autonomy, we’re not putting you and your vehicle under the microscope when you return it. We take a more measured approach. Normal wear and tear includes minor scratches, dents, and the occasional fast food stain. Excess wear and tear is the more dramatic stuff, including broken glass, dents and scratches bigger than your driver’s license, and that hole in your upholstery shaped remarkably like a furniture leg. 

Excess Mileage

Your Autonomy subscription includes 12,000 miles per year or roughly 1,000 miles per month. So if you subscribe to a car for 3 months, your mileage allowance is 3,000 miles. Anything beyond that will cost $0.25 per mile. 

Excess Wear And Tear

Listed below are potentially chargeable items if they were not pre-existing. To determine if they were present at subscription delivery, we’ll compare your original inspection photos to the vehicle at turn-in.



  • Any scratch longer than a credit card or greater  than ¼” in thickness in which the paint has been removed and the underlying panel is exposed


  • A dent larger than a credit card
  • 4 or more dings per panel (any size)
  • Four or more damaged panels are chargeable (regardless of number of dings).


  • Any paint damage where the  underlying panel is exposed or where excessive clear coat etching has occurred
  • Any touch-up paint made on the vehicle by the customer will be considered unrepaired damage. 



  • Any windshield damage which requires replacement or repair
  •  Damaged, broken or non-factory tinted glass
  •  Bent, broken or missing lights, turn signals, mirrors or lamps

Structural / Unibody / Frame

  • Any unrepaired Frame/Structural/Unibody damage  


  • Any interior burns, holes, stains or tears.
  • Seat cushions, upholstery, carpets and missing or severely damaged floor mats