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We are on a mission

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We’ve come to shake things up.

We’re doing something to radically empower the consumer. At Autonomy, we believe in your right to financial wellness. Because you shouldn’t have to go into long-term debt to drive an electric vehicle. We’re a car subscription company, and while there’s never been anything quite like us before, we’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of us from now on.

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We provide loan-free access to electric vehicles.

We’re a brand new way to get behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 or Y. Now you can drive electric without the long-term commitment of a traditional loan or lease. Subscribing is a way to use a car without owning it, and without it owning you.

Drive into a greener future.

We believe in a sustainable, equitable future.
One where you can freely enjoy the open road without destroying the planet. We’d like to help you reduce your carbon footprint by getting you into an EV in days, not months.

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