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2022 New York Auto Show: Deus Automobiles Vayanne

Deus Automobiles Vayanne

April 13, 2022

2022 New York Auto Show: Deus Automobiles Vayanne

What's The Buzz

A new hypercar from automaker Deus Automobiles, the Vayanne is the result of a collaboration between the Austrian startup, cutting-edge Italian design company Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering, an offshoot of the Williams Formula 1 team that has provided batteries for Formula E and Extreme E racing.

Deus_Vayanne_NYIAS-2022-04-14 11.50.24_.jpgWhat We Know

We didn't know much about the Deus Vayanne before the auto show, and we don't know much more about it after the big reveal. Deus makes astronomical claims about the Vayanne's powertrain: they say it will produce 2200 horsepower and 1475 lb-ft of torque, accelerate from zero to 62 mph in under two seconds, and will have a top speed of 248 mph. However, these numbers are based on computer simulations and have not yet been validated in real life.

The Deus Automotive website ( claims it has a range of 310 miles, though we were told it can be equipped with two, three, or four electric motors and support battery sizes of up to 160kWh for a potential range of up to 620 miles.
Deus says the Vayanne is a production-oriented concept and pledges to build 99 Vayanne models beginning in 2025. No pricing was revealed, though estimates are nearly as astronomical as the performance figures, with some guesses placing it in the millions of dollars. If you want one, you had better start saving your spare change right away.

Deus_Vayanne_NYIAS-2022-04-14 11.50.40_.jpg

What We Like

Adrian-Filip Butuca, head of design at DEUS, said the concept combines exquisite design and functionality with cutting-edge technology in the EV hypercar segment. It's certainly exotic inside and out; so there's that. Additionally, the interior is natural leather, though the company is proud of its sustainable, technologically advanced solutions throughout the production process.

Deus_Vayanne_NYIAS-2022-04-14 11.59.28_.jpg

Brandy Schaffels

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