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5 Hot Tips for Getting a Car Subscription

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February 21, 2022

5 Hot Tips to Subscribing to a Tesla

Welcome to the Next Chapter in Personal Mobility 

Getting a car can be one of the most stressful events in life, right up there with getting married, buying a home, and deciding that you really, really want to raise a pack of wolves. In your apartment. By yourself. 

If you’ve read any recent headlines, you know that the entire global car market is suffering from a giant, how-have-they-not-figured-this-out microchip shortage. It’s slowed production, constrained inventory, and made the entire process far more complicated than it should be. 

When creating our car subscription service, we started reengineering car ownership by removing the ownership part. Then we reengineered the long-term commitment by removing that too. Finally, we told the finance people to take a week off because we’re giving YOU the power to pick your monthly payment, putting the power in YOUR hands. Welcome to the new world of a Tesla Model 3 car subscription. 

Here’s What the Experts Are Saying About an Autonomy Subscription

  • It’s easy. Start by reserving with a $100 deposit. Upload your driver’s license and your payment source to determine eligibility, schedule your delivery, or pick it up as soon as tomorrow. If you’ve ever leased or bought a car before, you’ll wonder how we could make it THIS simple.

  • It’s affordable. Because you’re not making expensive monthly interest payments on a long-term auto loan or lease, we’re able to give you a great monthly payment and initial down payment. Let’s say you love the car and want to keep it for 36 months. Start with a $5,900 start fee and $490 a month, (plus taxes and a $500 refundable security deposit) for a Tesla Model 3! Just want to keep it for a few months? A $0 Start Fee and $1,000 a month, plus taxes, makes it easy to get started on your subscription and saves money over the short run.

  • It’s flexible. Life happens. We get it. Maybe you just need a car for a few months and don’t want to get locked into a long-term commitment. After your first 3 months of subscribing, you can go month to affordable month, and cancel anytime. Just give us a 28-day advance notice, and give it back when you’re done.

  • It’s customizable. Want to get the perfect monthly payment to fit your needs? No problem! Our payment dial lets you pick a monthly payment and initial down payment to get started. This way, there are no surprises; you know upfront exactly what you’ll be paying. 

These 5 Car Subscription Tips Will Change Your Life

  1. Skip the car-shortage crisis entirely. We’ve created a revolutionary new business model to get you into a Tesla Model 3 as quickly as next week. No long waiting list and no high-pressure sales tactics. With just a few clicks, you can be on your way. 
  2. Use this tool to select your ideal monthly payment. With an easy turn of a dial, you can see exactly how much you’ll need to put down to get the monthly payment you want. When you’re buying or leasing a car the traditional way, the paperwork alone can melt your brain. Understanding all the complex numbers and terms? Yeah, that just makes it even harder. 
  3. Get your smartphone in on the fun. Download the Autonomy app here, and see how easy we make it, right from the comfort of, well, ANYWHERE. Skip the visit to the car dealership, grab a cup of coffee, and find your favorite spot on the sofa. With just a few clicks, a scan of your driver’s license, and a digital form of payment (i.e., your credit card or bank account), you’ll be done with the process quicker than you think. 
  4. Loving it? Keep it. No matter if you’re looking for a car for just a few months, or a few years, it’s up to you how long to keep it. Once you complete the initial three months of your subscription, you can go month to month for as long as you like, with the same payment method for your subscription term.
  5. Drive the hottest car on the market. Let’s face it — there’s no hotter car right now than the Tesla Model 3. But getting one can be brutally hard. There’s a months-long waiting list, so even if you’re ready to pull the trigger, you’ll have to wait. If you need a car NOW, the last things you want to deal with are a waiting list and delays. Factor in that global microchip shortage, and now you’re waiting for a car on someone else’s timeline. 

Embrace the Change

The entire world is changing. Today, there are subscriptions for TV and movies, at-home fitness, weekly groceries, cell phone service — even household stuff like laundry detergent, pet food, and so much more. 

With our flexible, affordable month-to-month car subscription, we make the process of getting into a Tesla Model 3 easy and fast. Life is complicated enough; getting a car shouldn’t be. If you’ve done it the old way, welcome to the new frontier of mobility. 

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As a Los Angeles-based award-winning advertising copywriter, Avery has written about cars nearly as long as he’s been obsessed with cars. His dream is to own a 1- bedroom house with a 14-car garage.

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