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Autonomy Expands EV Subscriptions Into Washington

Autonomy Expands EV Subscriptions Into Washington

November 10, 2022

Autonomy Expands EV Subscriptions Into Washington

With gas prices still a dollar a gallon above last year’s average price, Washington drivers now have the opportunity to switch to an EV with a subscription from Autonomy. Autonomy has expanded its electric vehicle subscription service to the Pacific Northwest, adding Everett, Kent, Olympia, Renton, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and Vancouver to its West Coast car subscription areas. Autonomy’s electric vehicle subscription service is now one of the cheapest, fastest, and easiest ways to get into a Tesla EV in the Evergreen state.

“Washington is an important region for us to offer Autonomy subscriptions,” says Autonomy founder and CEO Scott Painter. “With almost 67,000 EV registrations, Washington takes fourth place behind California, Florida, and Texas in leading the nation in terms of sustainable mobility and switching from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. We’re excited to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Washington and showcase a new means of mobility for those who are eager to switch to electric.”

Washington is setting an example in EV adoption, with nearly 1,600 EV charging stations offering close to 4,000 Level 2 chargers and 800 DC fast chargers. Tesla also offers more than 35 Supercharger electric vehicle charging stations in the state of Washington, with more than 365 high-speed charging connections available to Washington Tesla drivers.

These numbers will continue to increase, as Washington expects to invest about $71 million over the next five years to expand its EV infrastructure, thanks to the $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program established by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. According to a local news report, the initial funding of approximately $25.6 million will be used to increase the current number of electric vehicle charging ports already in place in Washington. The Washington State Department of Transportation is working with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program to create Alternative Fuel Corridors by adding electric vehicle charging stations for every 50 miles of highway, particularly along the interstate highway system, practically eliminating any possibility of range anxiety for EV travelers in the area.

Eligible Washington customers eager to drive a Model 3 or Model Y can get their cars for less than they could via Tesla’s own leasing or financing plans simply by using Autonomy’s app or website. Start with a $100 refundable deposit, and choose your perfect payment — with options from as low as $490 per month with an initial $5,900 Start Fee,* to $1,000 per month with an initial $1,000 Start Fee.* A $500 refundable security deposit is required when the subscription is activated, and for added convenience, eligible subscribers may schedule a direct delivery for just $100.

Washington drivers in the Everett, Kent, Olympia, Renton, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and Vancouver car subscription areas now have the flexibility to subscribe to an electric vehicle, month to month after the first three months,** without the long-term commitment of buying or leasing an electric car. Find out more at

*Pricing for Model 3 SR+ in white without additional upgrades. Excludes $500 security deposit, taxes, and additional fees. Eligibility check required. While supplies last.

**Subscription cancellation requires 28 days’ notice.

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