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Choose Freedom This Fourth of July With an EV Subscription

July 1, 2022

Choose Freedom This Fourth of July With an EV Subscription

Every summer, we celebrate July Fourth to recognize the Declaration of Independence, which was adopted on this day in 1776. Today, we celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, barbecues, parades, pool parties — and one of the year’s biggest weekends for car sales. But do these sales really deliver on the freedoms automakers attempt to associate with Independence Day? 

At its core, the Declaration of Independence is a document announcing, “We’ve had enough.” By subscribing to an EV instead of leasing or buying an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, you can say the same about gasoline and long-term debt. 

As you consider car sales this holiday, it’s time to make good on the auto industry’s embrace of freedom — freeing yourself not just to explore the open road, but also to do so without the shackles of long-term debt or gasoline emissions. 

Celebrate Independence This Fourth of July With an Electric Car Subscription

For most consumers, going into a car dealership to purchase or lease a vehicle doesn’t feel like freedom. From steep negotiations to surprise fees and last-minute pitches for add-ons, the process can be time-consuming and even harrowing for those on a budget. Additionally, due to the dealership practice of payment packing, you usually end up paying for more than you need or want. 

After that whole onerous process at the dealership, you’ll likely walk out saddled with debt and a years-long commitment to the car. Considering these conditions, Fourth of July car sales start to look less liberating and more burdensome for the driver. 

Given the trials and tribulations of the standard car buying or leasing process, it’s no surprise that car subscription services are rising in popularity as an alternative avenue to mobility. Allowing customers to access cars on a month-to-month basis, subscriptions build on the best parts of a lease and add enhanced flexibility, all for an affordable monthly fee after start-up costs. 

With subscriptions, there’s no negotiation, no haggling, and often no sweaty showroom, as many of these services operate digitally. In a marriage of forward-thinking ideas, some car subscription companies are wedding this novel way of getting behind the wheel to a focus on EVs. Independence Day could mark the perfect time to free yourself from long-term debt, the hassle of traditional car leasing and buying, and gasoline.

 Participate in the Future of American Mobility by Driving an EV

The Fourth of July marks a good time to reflect on our practices as a nation, including how Americans get around. From tailpipe emissions to fuel consumption, traditional ICE cars do a number on the environment. In the U.S., transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond the harmful chemicals produced by ICE cars are the effects of drilling for oil. Extracting petroleum products from the earth takes its own toll on the environment, from destroying habitats to endangering nearby communities and wildlife. Not to mention, the cost of gas can be devastating to your wallet, particularly as prices continue to rise in today’s inflationary market.

With an EV, you’ll enjoy freedom from gas prices and gas stations. You’ll also enjoy freedom from guilt over your own tailpipe emissions. With how easy it is to charge EVs at home and on the go these days, the choice is becoming obvious to more and more drivers.

While America currently trails behind numerous European countries in EV adoption, it’s not too late for us to start leading the charge. The worldwide top-selling EV company, Tesla, is American after all. President Biden even signed a goal last year for 50% of the nation’s car sales to be electric, plug-in, or hybrid models by 2030. 

As we move toward a more EV-focused future, many Americans will be driving an electric car for the first time. If you don’t know which EV you’ll like best, a subscription offers a good way to try one out before making a long-term commitment. 

The subscription company Autonomy allows you to get behind the wheel of an EV with an app. You sign up on your mobile device online with your driver’s license and an electronic payment method credit card, provide insurance and other basic information, and then qualified subscribers can schedule pickup or delivery of a Tesla Model 3 or Y (while supplies last). 

EV subscription services such as Autonomy are changing who can participate in the EV revolution, making pricing more accessible with subscription models. As America sets its sights on becoming a leader in the clean-energy movement, driving an EV is a patriotic way to participate in the national effort for a healthier planet. Consider an EV car subscription service, like Autonomy, this Fourth of July to celebrate your own freedom from long-term commitment and debt, gas prices, and tailpipe emissions. 

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