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EV Summer Driving: Tips and Tricks in California

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August 30, 2022

EV Summer Driving: Tips and Tricks in California

If there’s ever a season that harkens us to take the Great California Road Trip, it is summer. However, rising gas prices might make you think twice before heading off onto those beautiful roadways. Unless of course, you go in an electric vehicle. 

If owning an electric vehicle seems a little beyond comprehension or perhaps you aren’t quite ready to commit, then Autonomy might be the perfect solution for you. Autonomy is a car subscription service that puts you in an EV, like a Tesla Model 3, or Model Y with no long-term commitments and no loans. You pay and drive as you go, month to month and our service includes roadside assistance and routine maintenance. You can even get your Tesla delivered right to your door, so all you have to do is pack your bags and remember the sunscreen. Read on to discover some tips and tricks to road tripping all over California in an EV.

In an Electric Car, The State is Your Oyster

California is way ahead of the curve when it comes to electric charging stations. Electrify America, the largest network of EV charging stations continues to expand and California is here for it. It’s easy to find and plan your next charging station along your journey to see all the wonders of California, from the stunning beaches of Santa Barbara to the national parks like Yosemite and Sequoia to experiencing national treasures like the Golden Gate Bridge and Napa Valley wine region. 

Trick: Some wineries have their own charging stations. Just download map-based apps like PlugShare and ChargeHub to get precise locations. 

EV Hotels: Relax and Recharge

 Hotels across California have begun offering charging stations so you can park your car and power it up while you dine on sushi in Carlsbad or spot otters off the coast of Cambria. PlugShare offers a map with hotel locations that offer free charging alongside the ones you pay for. 

Trick: Look for electric charging stations as an amenity on hotel search engines like Expedia or Orbitz. 

Heat is Your Friend

Electric Vehicles work better in warmer weather which means summer is the perfect time to stretch your EV limits. With a median mileage range of 250 miles, you can make the drive from the stylish streets of Palm Springs to the surreal beauty of Joshua Tree and back without even having to recharge. You can also visit the lowest point in North America in Death Valley, while you stroll through western ghost towns and marvel at the salt flats. And yep, you can even recharge yourself and your EV at The Oasis at Death Valley. 

Tip: Plan to go to Joshua Tree on a moonless night to get a clear view of the Milky Way. 

 The EV Way to Hack L.A. Traffic 

Los Angeles is renowned for its gridlock, which is another fantastic reason to consider going by EV. With an EV, you’re allowed to use the HOV lanes which means you’ll be zipping by all those frustrated, gas-powered drivers on your way to the beach.

Tip: Hermosa Beach is the mecca of beach volleyball. Make your way down to the sand and park at the numerous available charging stations along Pier Avenue. 

Electrify Summer

 California is rich in spectacular, social media-worthy destinations. And what better way to keep them that way, than by visiting them in an electric vehicle? Because EVs don't use fossil fuels for travel, they don't expel pollution into the air. The future of electric vehicles gives us hope to keep these beautiful California destinations just that, truly beautiful.  

Ready to get your EV but don’t want to buy it? Autonomy might be right for you. Our car subscription service allows you to get behind the wheel of an electric car, like a Tesla Model 3, with no long-term commitment, no loans, and no hassle. Now, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring this glorious state of California by electric vehicle. Forget the pump, remember the sunscreen. With Autonomy, your California EV road trip awaits!

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Michael writes about the automotive industry and sustainability. He has also worked with brands like Acura, Honda, Kawasaki, Toyota and TrueCar.

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