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Is Owning A Car Worth It? And What Are My Other Options?

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October 26, 2022

It’s 2022. Is Owning a Car Worth It?

Cars are not cheap. But man, do we love our cars! They represent a heady mix of freedom, mobility, and power all wrapped up in leather seats and shiny sheet metal. In fact, Americans spend roughly 16% of our total income on personal transportation. Vehicle costs are the second biggest expenditure in the average American household budget and come ahead of food, education, and retirement. That’s a lot of green we’re spending on wheels. 

 What’s Important - Moving or Mobility?

Pride in car ownership has changed over the last twenty years. Cars used to be a form of pride and personal expression, but as times and generations change, so does what we value. Generation Zers prize experiences over possessions. Gen Zers want to travel, to move to where they are inspired, to be spontaneous. Nothing kills spontaneity like a 72-month car loan hanging like sea anchors around the necks of the free-spirited. Suddenly, owning a car becomes about as appealing as a desk job.

So You Want a Car, but You Can’t Afford it.

 You’re not alone. The sheer scale of the initial expense of owning a car in today’s inflated market is daunting. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average price for a new car is a whopping $48,403. That’s up over 25% from 2021. At those prices, who can afford new cars?

Even if you can afford a new car, you have to factor in the skyrocketing price of fuel. Rising gas prices are enough to deter anyone who is even vaguely thrifty. When getting across town for dinner costs more than dinner itself, you have to wonder if ordering pizza and staying home is a better option.

Of course, there are electric vehicles, but as we’ve seen as recently as last year, it’s a long wait to get a new EV. In some cases, people have waited for as long as a year. Availability is a problem.

On top of those headaches, add maintenance costs, interest rates, roadside assistance, … and the list goes on longer than a CVS receipt. 

Who would sign up for this?

Where There’s a Will to Drive, There’s a Way to Get Behind the Wheel.

Enter Autonomy, a car subscription service. Autonomy is a brilliant alternative to buying a car. The idea was conjured up because owning and leasing options were too limited; not flexible enough; and frankly, too pricey. Surely, there was a better way.

So Autonomy came up with a new way to get behind the wheel of an EV, like a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. When you subscribe to a Tesla with Autonomy, you drive away with no loans, which means no long-term debt. And after just a three-month minimum period, you pay as you go, month to month,* so there’s no long-term commitment. You can get your subscription car faster than if you ordered one directly from Tesla. Less waiting. No long-term contracts. Fewer worries. And you’ll never have to regret buying a car.

Not only has Autonomy made getting a Tesla easier and faster, they’ve made applying for the subscription easy as well, because it’s 100% digital. All you need is a smartphone, a driver’s license, and a digital form of payment to start your reservation. Download the Autonomy app, and you’re off to the races.

An Autonomy subscription can give you the same pride as ownership without the expensive sting of owning a vehicle. It’s an experience worth considering.

*Subscription cancellation requires 28 days’ notice.

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Veteran copywriter and published author Carrie Talick applies her storytelling skills and keen consumer insights to make national brands and regional brands come alive. She writes across all media and that even includes penning an award-winning Super Bowl commercial starting Jason Bateman in 2019.

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