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Tesla Subscription Reviews: Why Drivers Are Embracing EVs with Autonomy

June 10, 2022

Tesla Subscription Reviews: Why Drivers Are Embracing EVs with Autonomy

In today’s turbulent economy, many drivers don’t want to assume long-term debt to get a car, nor do they want to foot the bill for climbing gas prices. 

Enter electric vehicle subscriptions, which offer access to a gasoline-free car for a recurring monthly fee, with few to no strings attached. For users of Autonomy’s Tesla subscription service, this means month-to-month access to a Tesla Model 3, as the testimonials below attest.

 An EV Subscription for Growing Families

When Deepak Trivastava first learned about Autonomy through an Instagram ad, the service “sounded too good to be true,” he said. But with a bit more investigation, he discovered it was the real deal. “Everything that was promised and served in the ads came through,” he said.

As for what Autonomy can offer to its subscribers, that’s a swift, 100% digital sign-up process, followed days later by the pickup or drop-off of a Tesla Model 3 that you can keep for however long you want in exchange for a monthly subscription fee (subject to availability). Expenses such as registration, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance are all included in the monthly price. 

For Deepak, Autonomy offered a solution to mobility for his growing family. With one young child and another on the way, he and his wife wanted a second car to add to their existing hybrid SUV. Already fans of the hybrid model, they set their sights on an EV. 

But they didn’t want to buy a car, because it would affect their ability to buy a home, an option they hoped to keep open. An Autonomy subscription was a way to avoid “another slug of debt on our balance sheet,” he told us.

While Deepak is using Autonomy as a tool to avoid debt for his growing family, father of four Lee Perine wishes the subscription had existed when his family was younger. “It would have been the perfect scenario,” Lee said.

As Lee’s brood grew over time, his family suffered penalties with their vehicles. “We’ve had four kids over the last 14 years,” he said. “Every couple of years, we’d have to ditch our car to upsize every time we added a new child,” he explained. 

“We’ve had to break leases early, and we’ve had to deal with the debt that comes along with a loan,” he said. “The ability to cancel my subscription at any time was really important to me,” Lee added, echoing other reviews attesting to the importance of a car subscription’s flexibility. With Autonomy, after an initial 3-month holding period, subscribers can cancel anytime with 28 days’ notice. 

Lee decided to subscribe to a Tesla via Autonomy. Within 24 hours of downloading the app and inputting his info, he got a notification that his car was ready for pickup. “It was unlike any other car buying or car purchasing experience I've ever had,” he said. While the Autonomy pickup and delivery turnaround vary based on location and availability, many subscribers are able to get their vehicle within weeks rather than months. 

And it doesn’t hurt that driving a Tesla Model 3 makes Lee feel “way cooler as a dad.” 

A Tesla Model 3 on Your Own Terms

While some parents are turning to Autonomy for their kids’ changing needs, others are choosing the subscription service to be more like their kids. 

Tina Zimmerman takes the lead from her teenagers when it comes to purchasing trends. “If you look at the generation that’s coming up, they want things to be now and go, go, go and easy,” she said. “​​I didn't want to wait for my Tesla.” Looking for an experience that was up to her kids’ standards, Tina discovered Autonomy. 

“They made it easy for me to just get a car and get off that lot. And that’s what I was looking for,” she wrote in a testimonial.

A mother of the modern era, Tina is quick to confess that she “loves new things.” 

“I don’t want to lease [a car], because I’m going to trade it in. I know me; I’m going to want to trade it,” she said. With leasing off the table, purchasing a car wasn’t an option either. “We didn’t want to buy one because we just got our house, and I don’t want more credit card debt,” she explained. So an Autonomy Tesla was the solution. 

Autonomy’s long-term debt-free subscription model helps families accommodate big expenses, such as the purchase of a home, but it also opens doors for young people looking to get behind the wheel. 

Angel Moretz is an Autonomy subscriber in her early twenties. “For someone my age, someone who maybe hasn’t fully built their credit yet or who doesn’t have someone to cosign for them to get a car, [Autonomy] makes it so much easier,” she said. The same is true of people with H-1B visas or those whose circumstances may prevent them from building the credit necessary to buy or lease a car, even if they have the money to afford it. 

 “I did look at other places to get a Tesla, but it was way more expensive,” Angel said. 

“And it was harder to go through background checks and credit score checks than

going through Autonomy.” 

So, rather than submitting to onerous qualifiers, Angel downloaded the Autonomy app and got access to a Tesla Model 3 the very next day. This is in stark contrast to Angel’s grandmother, who has been waiting months to get her Tesla through traditional channels.

An Electric Vehicle for the Future

No matter their age or phase of life, Autonomy subscribers agree that leaving gas prices in the dust is a huge advantage to driving a Tesla Model 3. 

 Originally hailing from West Virginia, Brian Pennington is a self-proclaimed country boy who had always driven a truck — until he discovered Autonomy. Looking to cut gas costs, Brian turned his attention to EVs. 

“It was extremely crucial that I saved a little bit of money,” he revealed. Brian had been spending around $137 a week to fill his truck’s tank. He was curious but hesitant to commit to an EV, so the flexible timeline of Autonomy was a “no-brainer,” he said. 

It doesn’t seem like he’ll be changing his mind anytime soon. “I never had to put gas in my truck again,” he said. “Got rid of it as soon as I got the Tesla.”

 Brian’s subscription fee with Autonomy is less than what he spent monthly on gas for his truck. “I smile every time I get in that Tesla. I also smile even more every time I pass a gas station,” he said. 

 But any Autonomy subscriber will tell you that subscribing to an EV is about more than just saving money. 

“I want to teach my daughter about the environment,” Brian said. Driving an electric vehicle is part of “my legacy for my daughter,” he added. “What we give to our children — that makes us who we are.” 

With an affordable monthly subscription from Autonomy that includes registration, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance, electric vehicles have never been more accessible. “The EV is going to be our new way of life,” Tina declared. “We’re doing something for our kids and our future.”

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