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Tesla Subscriptions Drive Circles Around Standard Leasing

Try Out the Tesla Model 3’s Newest Features With a Car Subscription

August 3, 2022

Tesla Subscriptions Drive Circles Around Standard Leasing

If you’re looking to lease a Tesla, you’d better not be in a hurry. For a car as in demand as one of Elon Musk’s latest models, backlogs and production constraints could mean months before you get your car. But there’s another way to get behind the wheel of America’s most popular electric vehicle

A monthly car subscription service will allow you to start driving a Tesla much faster than with a lease. You sign up on your phone, pay a customizable start fee as low as zero dollars, and then pay your monthly fee just like you would with any other subscription. 

But what exactly is a car subscription? Unlike a lease, it doesn’t lock you into a years-long contract or burden you with long-term debt. It gives you the freedom to change your mind on a month-to-month basis. In addition to this flexibility, the direct-to-consumer model does away with the need for awkward dealership confrontations. 

A Tesla subscription can cover add-ons and logistical hassles such as registration and related fees, along with routine maintenance and roadside assistance, simplifying finances for the driver. Bundling these costs means a subscription can save you thousands of dollars over 36 months compared with a Tesla lease. 

Car subscription services are opening up a new era of mobility. By offering drivers flexibility, ease, and savings while doing away with long-term debt, a Tesla subscription puts you in the driver’s seat.

Access Flexibility to Match the Open Road

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of subscribing over leasing is the ability to drive the car for as long as you want it and hand it off to someone else when you need a change. In the new world of remote work, consumers don’t want to be chained to their possessions. Rather than acquiring a car that penalizes you for this desire for flexibility, you can subscribe to a service built for it. 

The standard 36-month lease term is arbitrary and prohibitive. By doing away with long-term debt and interest, the subscription model leaves the driver unburdened for their next chapter, whether that involves a car or not.

A subscription can be short to match your needs, or it can be as long as you need — whether that’s six months or five years. With customizable payment plans and individualized subscription lengths, subscriptions let drivers set their own terms, even if that means changing course along the way.

Leave Hassle in the Dust with a Tesla Subscription

If the mere thought of leasing a car makes you dread painful negotiations with a salesman on a dizzying showroom floor, it’s time to update your model. 

By doing away with the outdated affair of bargaining at an overwhelming dealership, subscription services are prioritizing access over ownership. You can start your subscription to a Tesla on your phone in just 10 minutes and get behind the wheel in as little time as one week. 

There’s no loan involved, so all you have to do is pay your customizable initial amount and first month’s fee to unlock the benefits of a Tesla subscription and start driving. And you can manage your entire subscription through an app, bringing mobility into the 21st century and putting the power in your hands. 

In addition to doing away with the headache of negotiating a lease, a subscription may also cover costs such as title, registration, sourcing, and even routine maintenance and roadside assistance. By taking on the cumbersome and expensive elements of car ownership, subscriptions leave you with only the most exhilarating parts of driving. 

Pay Less Than You Would for a Tesla Lease

Maybe you want your Tesla for a full 36 months or longer, or maybe you don’t hate the hassle of car dealerships (weird, but to each his own). Even still, a subscription with the EV-focused car subscription service Autonomy beats a Tesla lease when it comes to your bottom line. 

The Tesla subscription can save you thousands upfront compared with a standard 36-month lease by eliminating the agency fee, acquisition fee, and order fee. You can start driving an Autonomy Tesla for as little as $1,500, plus tax. That includes your first month’s subscription payment and a $500 refundable security deposit. And the subscription service’s payments are all-inclusive, with the exception of insurance, so you’re never hit with any surprise charges down the line. 

Savings only grow the longer you drive your Autonomy Tesla. You won’t pay extra for things such as a disposition fee, limited roadside assistance, tire rotations, worn-tire replacements, cabin air filter replacements, or component checkups. By streamlining mobility costs into a subscription, a Tesla subscription answers the modern consumer’s need for simplified budgeting. 

Advantages to a Tesla subscription come in addition to the inherent savings of electric vehicles, particularly as fuel prices rise. If you’re ready to ditch the pump, you don’t have to wait months to start an expensive lease that will lock you into a long contract and burden you with long-term debt. 

Don’t wait for supply issues to catch up with the world you want to live in. Get behind the wheel of a Tesla faster, and start saving sooner with a flexible, all-inclusive Tesla subscription.

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