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Try Out the Tesla Model 3’s Newest Features With a Car Subscription

Try Out the Tesla Model 3’s Newest Features With a Car Subscription

July 19, 2022

Want to try out the Tesla Model 3’s cutting-edge features before you buy?

Autonomy’s car subscription can help you do just that. Discover how to try before you buy.

Tesla has earned its reputation as a premier EV automaker. The company set sales records in 2021, and it’s already breaking those records in 2022. So why are Teslas so popular? The automaker is known as the first to make EVs cool and continues to lead in creating EVs that are not just a boon for the environment (compared with gas-powered cars), but also for auto shoppers who like to drive in style. 

It’s not just the clout that draws drivers to Tesla. The automaker is popular for its bevy of proprietary features and technology. From the integrated touch screen and voice command to its visual navigation tools and leading safety features, there are plenty of chops to back up the Tesla Model 3’s popularity.

 While Tesla’s technology advances each year, the current models of getting a car — purchasing and leasing — have existed for decades. If you want to experience the benefits of a Tesla through a financial model as innovative as the automaker itself, a Tesla subscription service might be the ideal choice to let you try the car without committing to it for the long term. 

A Digital Design From Start to Finish

Teslas have an unmistakable aesthetic powered by their signature technology. The notably sparse cabin of the Model 3 integrates nearly all functions into a single touch screen, mirroring the smartphones and tablets that most drivers are accustomed to navigating. The result is almost no buttons or dials in the cabin, producing an uncluttered design that evokes modern simplicity.

Acting as the Tesla Model 3’s command center, the 15-inch touch screen integrates controls for headlights, blinkers, windshield wipers, and temperature. It lets drivers access media, adjust their seats and mirrors, and open the trunk and glove box. And it displays the trip calculator and speedometer. 

In addition to handy access to many of the car’s functions, the touch screen also displays Tesla’s in-car driving visualization. This dynamic graphic shows your car’s position on the road, any surrounding vehicles or pedestrians, and the road’s lanes and bike lanes. It also has predictive functions, such as the ability to let you know about upcoming stoplights, stop signs, exits, and even construction zones.

If you don’t know what you’ll think about the single-touch screen, a subscription is a great way to try out Tesla’s digital design before committing. 

Advanced Technology for Expert Performance

While Tesla’s streamlined look is perhaps the car’s most immediately recognizable feature, the Model 3 employs advanced technology to keep you up to date, safe, and in control. Over-the-air updates — which occur automatically with Teslas, as they do with smartphones — reduce maintenance needs and keep your car’s software running optimally. In fact, Tesla was the first automaker to employ virtual updates. 

Tesla also has its own voice command software, so drivers familiar with Siri or Alexa will feel at home using the car’s feature to make calls, play music, adjust the temperature, and get directions, all hands-free. Another convenience Tesla drivers enjoy is the ability to use their smartphone as the key to their car, locking and unlocking the doors digitally, so there’s little chance of getting stuck somewhere as a result of having misplaced a car key. 

Beyond powering Tesla’s design and user experience, the company’s technology also equips its vehicles with safety features that take advantage of artificial intelligence, sensors, and proactive responses. From automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring to lane assist and collision warning, the Tesla Model 3’s eight cameras feed the car 360 degrees of information, making it one of the safest vehicles on the road.  

If you’re eager to experience these enhanced safety features but hesitant to dive in headfirst, a Tesla subscription offers the benefits of the car without long-term debt or obligation. 

 A Driving Experience Fit for the Future — and a Financial Model to Match 

So, the Model 3 looks great, and its technology puts it at the cutting edge, but what’s it like to drive? Electric vehicle technology allows for regenerative braking, which lets drivers participate in one-pedal driving, coming to a full stop by simply easing up on the acceleration pedal. (But don’t worry; there’s also a brake pedal for when you need it!) 

Perhaps one of the most striking features of Tesla is acceleration time. The Tesla Model 3 goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 5.8 seconds, delivering the same pin-you-to-the-headrest torque associated with gas-guzzling muscle cars. 

 But Tesla’s current two-to-five-month wait time for the Model 3 is not so zippy. And if you’re eager to experience the coveted Tesla features but are worried you might not like them, a lease or loan will lock you into your choice. Instead, consider getting quicker access and flexibility with a subscription. 

The EV subscription service Autonomy offers access to the Model 3 and will get you behind the wheel in days or weeks, not months. Simply download the Autonomy app, and start your reservation in as little time as 10 minutes. Within days or weeks, you can either pick up your Model 3 or have it delivered.  

Tesla is popular for its simplified designs, advanced technology, and sleek user experience. A monthly car subscription brings those same benefits to the process of getting behind the wheel of a new car. Tesla has forged the future of mobility; with an EV car subscription, you can too.

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