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Flexible Model Y pricing... on your terms.

Autonomy subscriptions offer customizable payment plans and start as low as $690 per month.

All subscriptions include worn tires, routine maintenance, and limited roadside assistance with the ability to return your car any time after 3 months with 28 days' notice.

Our pricing puts you in the drivers seat. It’s based on your needs, not your credit score.
Other pricing plans in between are available.

Excludes tax and $500 security deposit.

Subject to eligibility. Limitations apply.

Lowest Monthly Payment
per mo
Start Fee
Lowest Start Fee
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Start Fee
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Start Fee

Excludes tax and $500 security deposit.

Subject to eligibility. Limitations apply.

Compare savings to a 3 year lease

Est. Savings
compared to a lease:
Title & Registration
Routine Maintenance (Limitations Apply)
Roadside Assistance (Limitations Apply)
12,000 miles/year

Est. 3-Year Savings

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Some things are worth waiting for. Just not as long as you thought.

Put your name on the top of the list and see how subscription puts you in the driver's seat - literally and figuratively.

You’re in charge.

You’re not buying a car, which makes everything easier. You don’t need to hassle with negotiation, title, or registration, or worry about the small stuff, like routine maintenance.

Routine maintenance included
(Limitations apply)
Tire replacement covered
(Limitations apply)
1,000 miles per month
(that's 12k/year!)
Pay by credit card
Return your vehicle after 3-months
(28-day notice needed)
DMV registration included

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The Wall Street Journal
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