Get a Tesla Model 3 fast, while supplies last.
Tesla Model 3
Get a Tesla Model 3 fast, while supplies last.
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The cheapest, fastest, easiest way to get a Tesla Model 3.

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Tesla Model 3.
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Tesla Model 3.
Why a subscription?
You're Not Borrowing Money

Pay as you go and drive your Tesla Model 3 without the burden of a car loan or the expensive interest payments.


It's a completely digital experience. Just scan your license, provide a digital form of payment, sign the app with your finger, and drive home in your new Tesla. Your "all-in" monthly payment includes roadside assistance and maintenance.

No Long-Term Commitment

After a 90-day minimum, it's month-to-month. Drive it as long as you want, give it back when you're done with a 28-day notice.

Your subscription includes:
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • 10,000 miles/yr. (prorated monthly)
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Currently available in California for iPhones.
Expanding to new locations and Android soon.

Eligibility check required
Your $100 reservation will be applied to your $500 refundable security deposit.
Must provide proof of insurance.
Excess miles will cost $0.25 per mile.
Return requires 28-day notice.

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Tesla Model 3
White, 18" Wheels, Black Interior
Mileage may vary.
$100 Refundable Reservation
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  Change your mind at any time.
By clicking the "Reserve Now" button, you authorize us to charge to the credit card the refundable reservation deposit, and agree to the Reservation Terms, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.
Once you click the “Reserve now” button above, we’ll text you a link to download the Autonomy app for your iPhone.
Reserve your Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
White, 18" Wheels, Black Interior
Starting mileage may vary.
What is a subscription?

An Autonomy subscription is a flexible financial agreement that lets you get a car without buying or leasing.

We own the car. You pay monthly and drive it for as long as you like, then give it back when you're done.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribe to a Tesla Model 3 in three easy steps:

  1. Reserve your Tesla with a fully refundable credit card deposit.
  2. Input your information and payment method into the Autonomy app.
  3. Schedule a date and time to pick up your car.
Why a Subscription?

Subscription is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get into a Tesla Model 3 this week.

You're not buying the car, so there's no need to borrow money. Each "all-in" monthly payment includes 10,000 miles a year, maintenance, and roadside assistance. There's only a 3-month minimum, so you can make arrangements to give it back whenever you're ready. And since subscription is 100% digital, you'll manage everything from your mobile device, and activation takes minutes, not hours or days.